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Battleship: Star Wars Edition Game

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  • nicolas amiard imagines the fall of star wars battleships in current cities
    all images courtesy of nicolas amiard paris-based graphic designer imagines the convergence of fantasy and reality by bringing together contemporary cityscapes and the star wars series. amiard’s collection of digitally-enhanced images envision surreal yet strangely lifelike scenarios where battleships crash land in the middle of today’s most densely-populated urban landscapes. examples of the scenes include a lucrehulk-class droid control ship meeting a mountainous panorama as it falls into the coast surrounding rio de janeiro; an enormous star destroyer ship haphazardly lands just in front of paris’ seemingly minuscule eiffel tower; a millennium falcon spaceship unexpectedly collides into the water surrounding lower manhattan.
    a millennium falcon spaceship unexpectedly collides into the water surrounding lower manhattan
    an enormous star destroyer ship haphazardly landsin front of paris’ eiffel tower
    the city of london sees a surprising crash landing of a tie fighter
    a spaceships haphazardly lands down a narrow urban alleyway
    as a gondola driver floats down the canals he encounters a fallen space ship
    a cold winter scene is punctuated by the presence of a star wars spaceship landing

    Star Wars Electronic Battleship takes the classic kid’s game Battleship and updates it to ultimate geekery. It comes with six different Imperial and six Republic ships to battle it out in one of four different games. The system guides players through the different games with digitized voice commands, while the distinctive sound of ion cannons, concussion missiles, and proton torpedoes signal salvo launches. You can even play solo (as in by yourself, not Han Solo). The whole game folds up so you can take it with you.

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  • Wonderful poster of Star Wars battleships. Poster is 11" X 14" and has "Lucasfilm, LTD" on the right bottom. Some bending on the upper right and lower corner of the poster, but otherwise in excellent condition.

    Star Wars Battleship is the classic game of Battleship with a Star Wars twist - players choose a fleet of vehicles including some from the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The excitement keeps growing as players command their fleets of starships while avoiding enemy attacks. In this game of strategy, players attempt to hunt down and destroy their opponent's ships while simultaneously hiding and protecting their own. Can you figure out where your opponent's starships are before your ships are destroyed? Whether you take the Rebel or Imperial fleet, take your shot and see if you can make your opponent say "You destroyed my starship!" Battleship: Star Wars Edition game can be played almost anywhere. The game's grid base and target grid converts to neatly hold all the game pieces for on-the-go-fun.

    Star Wars Imperial Battleship and Nasa Space Shuttle by April Lawton - large (900 x 574)

  • Star Wars The Old Republic Star Wars Battleship 1920x1200

Electronic Star Wars Battleship (Images courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)