JJ Abrams will be directing Star Wars Episode 7, out in 2015.

Star Wars Episodes 1-6

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    It later emerged the clip – of a deleted scene from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace – was conveniently edited to show the squeaky character falling to his death in a waterfall, when he in fact had survived.

  • Yub nub (star wars episode vi: return jedi ), This unremastered version star wars episode vi: return jedi, star wars vi return jedi deleted scene:. Star wars - episode vi: return jedi (comparison, Star wars - episode vi: return jedi (comparison: picture elements: „star wars - episode vi:. Return jedi - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Return jedi ( star wars: williams nominated " album original score written motion picture television special"..

    So now that these original versions are available on DVD, what is there to think about them? Should we be happy they exist at all in a legitimate version? Decry the less-than-stellar way they have been produced? Use this as an opportunity to judge once and for all which edition is the definitive one? I am inclined to agree that in many cases fans will never be happy, just as I believe that a filmmaker has an obligation to satisfy the fans who made his films a success; but looking at the spanking-new Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi DVD, the only feeling I can immediately identify is gratitude - maybe not for Lucas, or Fox for distributing the disc, but just in general - for now having a real-deal copy of the film that I loved as a child in the version that first enchanted my imagination.

  • The attack on the Death Star in the climax of the film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is heavily influenced by the climactic sequence of The Dam Busters. In the former film rebel pilots have to fly through a trench while evading enemy fire and fire a proton torpedo at a precise distance from the target in order to destroy the entire base with a single explosion; if one run fails another run must be made by a different pilot. Some scenes from the Star Wars climax are very similar to those in The Dam Busters and some of the dialogue is nearly identical in the two films. These scenes are also heavily influenced by the action scenes from the war film 633 Squadron, which depicts a fictional air raid. Star Wars also ends with an Elgarian-style march, like The Dam Busters.


Star Wars Episode 38 is a movie completely spoofing the original trilogy of star wars with jokes and slapstick humor in almost every scene. Follows the characters from the Original Trilogy ... »