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Darth Malgus Custom Star Wars Figure

Star Wars The Force Awakens Figurine Playset 6 Piece Set

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  • Yesterday I wrote about what could possibly be the of all time. It is an insane collection of everything from life-size lightsabers to small custom figurines. You can find pretty much anything in that collection. Today I am taking a little bit of a different approach to the whole thing. Today is all about the original aspect of it all. If you consider yourself to be even a moderate Star Wars fan, you know that the figurines released back in the day are now worth a lot of money. Some of the most rare ones can bring in several thousands of dollars if sold to the right buyer. It’s pretty impressive, and if you have a complete vintage collection of the Star Wars figurines, you could potentially be sitting on a gold mine.

    My ex-son-in-law has collected all the figures and left them in their original boxes. It seems that from time to time special limited pieces were produced. Then were randomly added to some boxes of Starwars figurines sent out to the stores. Not many people were aware of these rarer and limited items. As for myself most of ours ended up in garage sales as the children grew up. I did however manage to hold on to three early light sabers from the seventy”s. I just thought they were cool.

  • Probably not exactly the wisest buying decision right now, but if you've ever wanted every original Star Wars action figure, here's your chance. This ($2,700-$3,500) includes all 79 figures from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. The figures are all AFA-graded (one lot is AFA 80 and the other, pricier one is AFA 85) and will come with the lost happiness of your Lando-less childhood.

    The 31-inch models will retail for US$49.99 and the larger 48-inch figure is US$99.99. The toys join other Star Wars JAKKS figures such as a and a 16.5-inch mechanical Yoda.

  • In 2013, Hasbro takes collectible STAR WARS action figures to the next level with the introduction of the BLACK SERIES action figure line! For the first time ever, Hasbro is introducing a 6-inch scale of the greatest characters from the STAR WARS universe. This exceptional collection of figures features incredibly accurate design and a high level of articulation. Each sold separately.

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For years the only Star Wars action figure you could get were the small scale of 3.75" builds. For the adults who grew up playing with the old action figures, these weren't always of the best quality. At times Luke looked like he hit the gym a little more than he ever did, and we all knew that the too short and too thin lightsaber coming out of Obi-Wan's arm wasn't ideal. Some thirty plus years later, everything we thought we knew about Star Wars action figures changed when Hasbro released the Black Series. Not only did they come in some classy, well-designed packaging, but the sculpts, painting, and articulation were all top notch; the best they've ever been! If that wasn’t enough to get both adult collectors and kids interested, they even released 6" figures – the biggest and most detailed they've ever been!