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LEGO Star Wars Naboo Starfighter 75092 Building Kit

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  • If you are looking for any of the custom made Star Wars LEGO chess sets, although there have been some sellers on Ebay offering a set here and there, most have to be . There are Ebay sellers who offer to build custom sets, like and . They can build sets off designs that has already been established or create an entirely new design.

    What is even better is that these LEGO sets can be easily combined with one another to create an even bigger scene. There are so many possible combinations to think about here, meaning that there are a limitless number of possibilities to create your own LEGO Star Wars scene. eBay is a great online source for all your Star Wars LEGO sets.

  • Expect to pay an absorbent amount for any of the larger Star Wars LEGO sets. And due to the sheer size and parts list for putting together such a set, it is difficult to find someone to do it.

    Another way to search for Star Wars LEGO sets on eBay is to search by character. This method yields a much broader list of results. This method can be helpful when browsing for a collection of a certain character. An example might be a search for the character Han Solo from Star Wars. There are quite a few of these that are taken from various scenes. You can also search for Star Wars LEGO sets by the actual scene. Examples could be the Death Star scene, pod racing scene, desert plank scene, or other memorable scene. LEGO does a great job of depicting specific scenes from each of the Star Wars movies.

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Look, there are a lot of excellent Star Wars LEGO sets, and there are a lot of excellent Star Wars spaceship LEGO sets. But in the end, you gotta go with the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon! There have actually been about seven different LEGO takes on the Corellian freighter, but the Ultimate Collector's set from 2007 and its 5100-plus pieces takes the prize. It also cost $500 at that time, which makes it the most expensive Lego set (in retail) ever.