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  • One of the main attractions of the event, however, was the public itself. Probably about one third was dressed up as characters from movies, games or comics. Their pictures are not LEGO-related, but be sure to check out with some of the cosplayers. How often do you get to see people dressed up as members of the Ghostbusters looking at LEGO versions of their favourite characters or get to discuss some of the more obscure Star Wars vehicles with a fan in a Stormtrooper outfit?

    It’s rare to hear stories about U.S. citizens moving to Mexico for work, but that’s exactly what happened to Bo Johnson. Ever since the release of the latest “Star Wars” movie, friends and strangers have commented on his resemblance to John Boyega, the actor who played Finn. Using this to his advantage, Bo was able to find work as an impersonator in Las Vegas, wearing Finn’s iconic stormtrooper uniform. Before committing to a full time job as an impersonator, Johnson decided to visit Mexico City for a year so he could take in the culture and work on his Spanish. On the suggestion of a friend, Bo brought his stormtrooper outfit with him, a decision that has paid off well for the 28-year-old out of Chicago.

  • Your basic stormtrooper outfit, not the cheap generic kind of foam but the hard plastic kind. full suit. gun is a light up kids toy spray painted black.

    STORMTROOPER outfits have helped the company behind the MorphCostumes fancy dress brand lift turnover beyond £15 million in its latest accounts.

  • Show off how much of a Star Wars fan you are with this Authentic, officially licenses Stormtrooper Costume. Join the Imperial army with this Star Wars Supreme . This isn’t just your average Stormtrooper outfit. It is a premium quality, top of the line, supreme edition Star Wars collectors item.

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You rarely see a Stormtrooper out there alone in the Star Wars films. You usually see them in huge legions, probably to strike fear into anyone who would even think about opposing them. The Empire uses overwhelming numbers to destroy their enemies. Of course, you can use this to your advantage when trying to find the perfect date. There's no better way to meet people than huge crowds of soldiers that look exactly alike. Okay, maybe that's not the best example, but Stormtroopers get to travel all over the galaxy with lots of time on starships, so getting to know your fellow squad mates isn't too hard. Take the opportunity to ask out that trooper you've gotten to know so well while you're out there patrolling. Tell them... "You’re the trooper I've been looking for," and you'll be on your way to a Tatooine honeymoon in no time.