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Stroller bag! Great idea!

J.L. Childress Gate Check Bag For Standard and Double Strollers, Red

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  • It includes bags checked at the gate and claimed at a baggage carousel. But items such as strollers or bags checked at the gate for regional jets -- those picked up at the arriving gate -- currently aren't tracked with the system.

    The JL Childress Gate Check Standard/Double Stroller Bag is the perfect solution for protecting your stroller from dirt and germs during travel. It is compatible with most standard and double strollers and features drawstring closure, adjustable lock, webbing handle, reinforced seams and personal identification box. The Gate Check Stroller Bag can be easily and conveniently stored in the attached pouch when not in use.

  • Oh my thank you so much for the stroller bag tutorial. I have needed something like that for a while. I will definatley be trying it out. Thank you!

    oh my goodness perfect! we are going to disneyland in 2 weeks and i was looking to make a stroller bag and i have a phil and teds so i know its going to work. is it ok for me to link over to your bag at my blog? i'm doing a traveling with kids week right now and i would love to feature this!

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    Dreambaby Stroller Bag - Black

    Do you want to turn your hand-me-down Graco into the Porsche 911 Roadster Express of Library Storytime? Have you always dreamed of putting your baby in one of those faux sheepskin stroller burrito bags even though it’s not actually that cold out? Or do you just want someplace to rest your giant coffee while you pull that CVS receipt your baby has been chewing on out of his mouth?

Graco Stroller Travel Bag - Sears

Use this free stroller bag pattern to create a bag large enough to carry everything you need for long walks with the kids. This stroller travel bag includes multiple pockets so everything has it's own place. Not to mention, it's cute too! You can also watch lead you through each step towards creating this project in the video tutorial found at the bottom of this page.