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Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Bill and Ben

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  • Amazon is having a great sale on the Thomas Wooden Railway Trains! The following trains are down to only $10 from as much as $24.99. There may be others as well so be sure to check it out if you don’t see the one you are specifically looking for.

    In replacement for "Wheels for Fortune", ThomasWoodenRailway uploaded a review of the 2009 Thomas Wooden Railway Yearbook. He has not done this type of review since, although other users on YouTube have done so. ThomasWoodenRailway traveled back down into his basement to film "The Legend of Diesel 10" and Season 7, although "The Legend of Diesel 10" was later cancelled and saved for a later date.

  • Okay, I tested the new Percy on track from a bulk box of Conductor Carl track that I have on hand, and it worked fine except for some pauses where it got briefly stuck on the short curved tracks. But, I then tried the new Percy on a similar configuration of Thomas Wooden Railway track, and then again on some Brio tracks, and it had the same problem, so I think this is down to a design flaw in the engines themselves. The new motorized Percy is larger in every dimension than the old one we have is, and I think the wheels are slightly too far apart to go smoothly around the short curves. The old Percy handled them with no problems.

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