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Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle, 24-Inch, Slate Blue

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  • Not surprisingly, this is not a bike. Constructed into a very rigid steel frame, the Triton Pro three wheel bicycle offers a hassle free ride putting comfort at first with minimum amount of stress on knees. This is an adjustable frame bicycle which means the center frame can be adjusted in order to accommodate riders of 4 feet to 6.3 feet height. This 3 wheel bicycle can support up to 250 lbs and it measures 41x23x12 inches weighing 55 lbs.

    The front wheel in this Triton three wheel bicycle measures 21 inches while the rear wheels measure 16 inches in diameter. The entire bicycle is powder coated with cool looking graphics. The Triton three wheel bicycle has a single gear and runs at a moderate speed. This will not reach at high speeds since its design is more focused towards comfort along with the ability to relax and work out at the same time.

  • For those who think this Triton Pro Three Wheel Bicycle is cool enough, they can definitely loosen up their pockets and head towards and buy this 3 wheel ride at a special discount price.

    Schwinn is one of the most popular and reputable bike brands in the market, and thankfully, they have the Meridian three wheel bicycle model on the market!

  • There is a high mortality rate in four and three wheel bicycle companies. Or perhaps just a high rate of Web site changes. We can't find these any more so if you need to contact one we suggest a Google search.

three wheel bicycle with basket | jxcycle