A well-made toy chainsaw — and it comes with goggles.

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Stihl Toy Replica Kids Chainsaw
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Husqvarna Battery Operated Toy Chain Saw

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  • Well, there you have it. A nice collection of toy chainsaws for kids. I’m sure a child would love any of these saws to spark their imagination. The simple act of pretending to cut stuff around the house seems to bring kids boundless joy. Kids love to play and run around and act like a grown-up. A toy chainsaw gives them a fun prop to roam around the home and yard with pretending their just like mom and dad. Consider the fact that most of these toy chainsaws make sounds which may or may not test your patience, but if you’re a parent I’m sure you’re accustomed to noise.

    Also, it comes with batteries so you won’t have to buy any. Always a nice bonus. The batteries on this toy chainsaw will last a lot longer than the batteries on any lithium-ion chainsaw. Sad but true.

  • The is actually modeled after the real gas chainsaw called, oddly enough: . This one has a rotating chain, makes a chainsaw sound and comes with fancy gloves and helmet. This toy chainsaw is a little ‘funkier’ than the other ones as you can tell by its vibrant colors.

    Looks like a fun toy chainsaw for a kid to play with so he or she can pretend to be cutting your furniture. Kids don’t always need the fanciest toys. They’re quite happy playing with dirt. At least I was when I was growing up. I think kids today expect a little more for entertainment than when I was a kid. This toy chainsaw is more than enough to fuel their imagination.

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    I couldn’t find much information on this particular toy chainsaw but the rubber chain moves when you push the trigger button on the handle. It also has sounds, lights and it vibrates. It’s a simple toy. Most of these toy chainsaws are similar with the main difference being how they look.

Husqvarna Toy Chainsaw - Amick's Superstore

This Tool Tech Motorized Chainsaw is (was) one of my favorite toy chainsaw of the bunch for a lot reasons. First, I love the look of it. It just looks interesting with its bold styling. I’m an artist and designer so I naturally gravitate towards things that are well designed and have personality. That’s my personal bias.