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The Toy Story trilogy=THE BOMB
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    Thanks for the feedback, I think it’s something Pixar do extremely well, and I think the Toy Story trilogy is probably the best example of that, although I’ve got a lot of love for Finding Nemo and The Incredibles too.

  • […] love the movie Finding Nemo which for me is right up there with The Incredibles and the Toy Story trilogy as the best work Pixar have done, so I was pretty stoked about a sequel, especially one that […]

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  • Voice roles in the Pixar Universe don't get much more iconic or instantly recognisable than Ellen DeGeneres' Dory (from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory) and Tom Hanks' Woody (from the Toy Story trilogy).

How Well Do You Know The Toy Story Trilogy

The end gets at you a little bit too, but the incinerator scene is epic. The score alone will give you a few goosebumps. Watching them band together at the worst possible moment they could have ever imagined will at some point be considered a classic moment in cinema history and it’s moments like these throughout the entire trilogy for The Toy Story Trilogy to be my #3 favorite trilogy.