I ♥ a Train Set under the Christmas tree.

A toy train under a Christmas tree. A cozy fire crackles in the fireplace in the background.

MOTA Classic Holiday Train Set with Real Smoke - Authentic Lights, and Sounds - A Full Set with Locomotive Engine, Cargo Cars, Tracks and Christmas Spirit

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  • I never had a Christmas train set under the Christmas tree until 2005 when my brother-in-law gave me one as a present. Now it gets set up every year even though my children are grown up. Now I can't wait for my new grandson to see his first Christmas train under our tree.

    One theme he has researched is the custom of putting trains under the Christmas tree, and Mr. Morrison says it could have started right here in Pennsylvania.

  • A Christmas train can rekindle the spark of boyhood in any grownup. It has led many back into the hobby or started others on their journey. If you are reading this because you're contemplating putting a train under the Christmas tree, you're about to launch yourself into one of the best hobbies there is for children and adults.

    I want to buy a train for under our Christmas tree. We have one that I bought at KB-Toys in the mall, but it was like $30 and a piece of junk. The track is hard to snap together and keeps coming apart, the locomotive on the front is battery operated and is not powerful enough to pull the train cars...

  • Model Railroader magazine shows a model train under a Christmas tree. Memories are what often bring out Christmas tree trains this time of the year, as people purchase new sets or dig out their old ones for repairs.

trains under their Christmas tree at their Libertyville home

With the rise of modern technology and electronic gadgets filling Christmas lists, toy trains under the Christmas tree became less . Within the past decade or so, though, some experts have seen a renewed interest in the toy train tradition.