Introduction of the cast resin transformer.

The Autobot Optimus Prime swings into action in a scene from “Transformers: Age of Extinction.”

Le plus grand secret Tome 1 (Le livre qui transformera le monde) (French Edition)

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  • With the visual effects and accuracy in its adaptation the only things going for it, there is not much to hone in on the latest installment of the Transformers franchise. Age of Extinction is drenched in unnecessary dialogue, duration and elements in its story (like the installment itself) making this, arguably, the less-than-satisfying edition to the saga. 1.5/5

    The movie is inspired by the Transformer toys that twist and fold and double in upon themselves, like a Rubik's Cube crossed with a contortionist. A yellow Camaro unfolds into a hulking robot, helicopters become walking death monsters, and an enemy named Megatron rumbles onto the screen and, in a voice that resembles the sound effects in "Earthquake," introduces himself: "I--AM--MEGATRON!!!"

  • I think that's the first time I've used three exclamation points. But Megatron is a three-exclamation-point kinda robot. He is the most fearsome warrior of the evil Decepticons, enemies of the benevolent Transformers. Both races (or maybe they're brands) of robots fled the doomed planet Cybertron and have been drawn to Earth because Megatron crash-landed near the North Pole a century ago and possesses the Allspark, which is the key to something, I'm not sure what, but since it's basically an alien MacGuffin it doesn't much matter. (Note to fanboys about to send me an e-mail explaining the Allspark: Look up "MacGuffin" in Wikipedia.)

    Transformers is an science fiction movie based on Transformers Toy line. In remembrance of this great movie, today we have gathered a collection of HD transformer wallpapers and backgrounds for you to download and put on your desktops. Here we have the wallpapers of bumblebee, autobots, revenge of the fallen and other transformer characters. Let us know your favourite transformer wallpaper in comments below.

  • Cartoon: "History Lessons"
    Signature Publishing comic: Issue #5
    Book: Autobot World Tour

    "The Need for Speed"
    "Once Upon a Time"

    Titans Return
    Transformers #56: "White Light"
    MtMtE #56: "Ten to Midnight"
    Till All Are One #3: "Things We Said We'd Never Do"
    Revolution #0: "Secret Raiders"

    Armada Volume 5
    Of Masters and Mayhem: "Divination"
    "Deadly Aim"
    Beast Wars: Uprising: "A Change to the Agenda"
    "Trigger Warnings"
    "Identity Politics"

    "Darkest Hour"
    "A War of Giants"

    The movie opens like one of those teen comedies where the likable hero is picked on by bullies at school, partly because he didn't make the football team, and mostly because he doesn't have a keen car. Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) talks his dad into buying him one, and he ends up with an old beater, a yellow Camaro that is actually the Transformer named Bumblebee and gets so mad when his paint job is insulted that it transforms itself into a shiny new Camaro.

I create Transformers Bulldog wallpaper. It´s here

Transformers' faces also run the gamut of design, from looking like a metal human in a helmet, to faces that can only be described as robotic (again, like Generation 1 Shockwave, whose face consists of little more than a single glowing eye) or animalistic (again, the Beast Era). The Mini-Cons are also notable for more commonly having non-humanoid faces.