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"would an "extra long" twin size mattress fit on this bed?"

LinenSpa 6" Innerspring Mattress, Twin

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  • Also known as a single, the twin mattress is one of the most popular and versatile mattresses in the world. With average dimensions of 38” x 75”, twin size mattresses are designed to comfortably sleep one school-aged child. However, they can be used in many different ways to accommodate different sleeping situations.

    Everyone needs to sleep, and it's not easy to achieve a comfortable and consistent sleeping setup--that's why having a good mattress is widely accepted as a noble endeavor. Fortunately, our mattress sale is ready to help you out with our numerous high-quality offerings that will suit your needs perfectly. Need a compact but so-very-comfortable unit for a dorm room or apartment? Take a look at one of our several twin size mattresses ready to help you fall right asleep--and their size makes them perfect choices for apartments, dorm rooms, and rooms for the kids! Queen size and king size mattresses are readily available for your needs as well. Plus, all of our mattresses are each geared towards a certain type of sleeper, providing either a firm or more plush sleeping surface. Make sure you know what your personal preferences are before committing to buy--it'll save you lots of trouble!

  • Twin size mattresses are the easiest to move around, and can be pushed together to basically make a King size bed. You will get better wear and tear due to the ability to rotate and flip them to use more sides. Twin size mattresses are great for kids rooms and the occasional very small bedroom. The down size again is that couple can’t sleep in them together and larger users may not find them as comfortable as one of the larger options.

    Twin size mattresses are the smallest of the standard mattress sizes. They measure 39- by 75-inches, providing enough space for individuals to sleep comfortably. The selling points of the Twin size are initial price and footprint in the room. As the smallest standard mattress size, the Twin tends to cost the least for any given model and also takes up the least amount of floor space in the room. For these reasons, Twin size beds are ideal for dorm rooms, apartments, kids' rooms, and just small bedrooms. Twin size mattresses are also good for folks on a budget, though couples will not be able to share the Twin.

    From a cost per square inch standpoint, Twin size beds tend to be the worst value second only to the Twin XL size. Although Twin size mattresses are half the size of a King size, they often cost around three-fourths as much. Like buying in bulk, you get more for your money with larger sizes, but have the lowest initial price with the smaller units. Upgrading to a Queen size for sharing or a Full size for extra space may be worth the money for some, but if you are a non-active single sleeper, the cost and space efficient Twin size may be best for you.

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