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US 10 has had alternate routes designated in the past, but none are active as of 2004.

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  • US 10 is a major for almost all of its length in . The road enters Minnesota in and travels through , , , , , . It becomes a in and passes through the northern suburbs of and , It enters St. Paul paired with and exits St. Paul paired with . It leaves US 61 just north of , shortly before entering into Wisconsin.

    In the state of , US 10 runs for about eight miles (13 km), from I-94 at Exit 343 to the . It is one of the primary east–west streets in and , and is called Main Avenue for its entire length in North Dakota. At the Red River, US 10 crosses over a bridge to .

  • US 10 enters Wisconsin at and travels southeastward passing , , , and before reaching its eastern terminus near the Lake Michigan shore in Manitowoc. Ferry service between the western and eastern portions of US 10 is provided between May and October by the ferry . US 10 is now a 4 lane divided highway from (STH 80) 2 miles (3.2 km) south of Marshfield to . This allows travelers to bypass Auburndale, Blenker, Milladore, Junction City, and downtown Stevens Point. This completes the plan to upgrade US 10 to a freeway or expressway status from Marshfield to Menasha. US 10 is an expressway between Stevens Point and Waupaca. It has been upgraded to a freeway in the Waupaca area and is also a freeway between Fremont and Appleton.

    The western terminus of US 10 in is . US 10 runs concurrently with from the east side of Ludington to before US 31 turns northward. The road then heads easterly through and before it becomes a west of near the junction with highway . US 127 and US 10 overlap for a short distance near . US 10 bypasses and terminates at in .

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    The eastern terminus of US 10 is in , at its with (I-75) (near US 10's 139 and I-75's milepost 162). The western terminus of US 10 is in the town of , at its interchange with .

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Two changes were made in the routing of US 10 by 1929. As shown on the maps of the time, US 10 was rerouted to bypass . The former routing through the city was redesigned M-10. A second change moved the highway to its present routing west of Baldwin to the – county line. A bypass of downtown Midland was opened in 1934. The previous routing through town was initially renumbered US 10A. A rerouting project in started in 1936. By the end of the year, a new roadway was opened between and . Until the second segment of the project was completed two years later, US 10 was routed concurrently with M-66. When the new routing between M-66 and in was opened, that concurrency was eliminated and all the previous routings were transferred to local control.