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  • The Fenestra Tarot is a pretty deck, with 78 soft, watercolour, almost sepia-toned cards. It roughly follows the Rider-Waite format in the tarot scenes, surrounding them with large, decorative borders. New from US Games.

    The Gilded Reverie Lenormand has the traditional 36 cards of a Lenormand-style deck, illustrated in Ciro Marchetti's lush and inimitable style. Published by US Games, the cards have gilded edges and are packaged in a neat little hardback box.

  • The Golden Tarot is a sumptuous collage Tarot deck, skilfully blending medieval and Renaissance artwork into whole Tarot scenes. Long known as a digital deck, the Golden Tarot is now in print from US Games. The edition comes in a sturdy box with a companion book, and cards with gilt edges.

    The Crystal Visions Tarot is a tarot of fantasy art, based on Rider-Waite symbolism and structure but given unique illustration. Prints of the cards can be purchased from the artist. The deck is also now complete and published by US Games.

    US Games & The American Heart Association welcomes Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart coordinators. Congratulations on all of your hard work in making your event a success. The thank you certificate is a small token of our appreciation to you and your school for joining the fight against heart disease and stroke. We hope you will continue to promote the importance of physical activity and a heart healthly lifestyle. We look forward to your school participating next year.

  • The Gummy Bear Tarot has cards in Rider-Waite style, featuring those chewy lollies, Gummibears. The deck was originally published in German as the Gummibear Tarot, but the English version - with English titles - was released in 2005 by US Games.

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Under the Roses Lenormand is a gentle petit Lenormand deck with Edwardian-style imagery. There are the standard 36 cards, plus extra Child, Gentleman and Lady cards. Previously self-published, it's now in print from US Games.