free downloads for vtech v reader

We love our new Vreader but we are not sure where to get the SD card can anyone PLEASE help!!!

VTech - V.Reader Animated E-Book System

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  • TAG : My daughter would love a VReader for the car.
  • Hello, where does the sd card go on the v reader? I installed, I downloaded, I even purchased the sd card, but for the life of me i cant find out how to install the memory card. Please help!

    Thank you for the information on the free downloads, very easy to do. But, does anyone know where does the SD card goes in the vreader? I looked all over the thing but was unable to find where it goes into!

  • I love my son v tech reader he has learned how to read on the v tech and he is only 5 years old so i think these free books are great he has learned so much on it and i will keep getting him these books for the v tech cause it is a wanderful thing they have come up with.

    I admit the software is a little confusing but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use the coins. My son is four and he can use the VReader just fine. Why don’t you just give it to your kid and go back to watching Fox News.

  • Its good to see more devices cater to the learning aspects. I remember growing up with read along records that let you follow the words, as the record played. Its nice to see more devices foster reading by audio play back, and read along functions. Most are full color and touch screen and have other neat features.


Lets talk about eBooks first. Most VReaders will come bundled with a game that is based on a cartridge. New Books will set you back around $25.00 and can be purchased from the VTech Site or at retail merchants like Toys R US.