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  • Of course, my son thinks VeggieTales is real food. Shoot, he thinks everything is food. Stuff is always going in his mouth! At least he looks cute with VeggieTales toys in his mouth. 🙂

    Ahh… . A show I watched when I was younger, and a show that my kids now watch! Every Christmas, my kiddos get the latest VeggieTales movie from their Aunt, and recently they just got two of their comic books! Their stories are always full of biblical stories and wholesome teachings, and that’s definitely the type of things I want my children to learn and know about.
    My youngest two and I ran to Walmart last week and happened upon these new VeggieTales toys while my oldest daughter was at school. Needless to say, my 3 year old was so excited! She loves everything about VeggieTales and watches the show on a weekly basis.

  • VeggieTales toys feature all your . You’ll find Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber and all their friends. Friends like Petunia, Laura, and Junior come a long to join the fun. Your child will play for hours with these VeggieTales plush toys. Creating stories. having adventures. Learning to play nice with others. That Sunday in the church nursery, I might literally have torn my hair out without the VeggieTales DVDs and plush toys. VeggieTales saved the day for a pair of worn out church nursery volunteers and their cranky charges!

    My local Walmart had a variety of VeggieTales toys in stock including Larry the Cucumber, Bob the Tomato, Laura Carrot, Junior Asparagus and Petunia Rhubarb. I decided to get Larry the Cucumber for Field Trip Boy since he likes him the most.

  • I put the in the DVD player and hoped for the best. What else could I do? Those toddlers ran me ragged that Sunday…including my own toddler. The church nursery on a busy Sunday morning is not for the faint of heart! As the DVD started, I watched as one by one the little ones looked over at the TV. The music started playing. Some stopped crying. Bob the Tomato started talking about being nice to friends. A few of the little ones were distracted but still crying. But the mood in the room was much calmer, far less frantic and loud. Others sat down on the rug to watch the TV. A few of the kids ran to the toy box and found a Bob and a Larry. They hugged the tightly as they watched. I was astounded at how quickly most of the children calmed down. I shopped at Walmart recently for VeggieTales plush toys. The VeggieTales plush toys are so cute!

Hanging Off The Wire: VeggieTales Plush Toys

I have been one of ‘s best customers. Until recently, we bought every video. (Even the weird Space Penguins.) We have about a half dozen Veggie Tales toys. We have two Veggie Tale video games and a couple of books. We even have five Veggie Tale CD’s. The videos are funny, thought provoking and very creative. We like the characters, the music and the concept. In many ways Veggie Tales is the best of its class.