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List of Voice Command Systems Provided By Car Manufacturers:

X-10 Voice Commander Demo

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  • TAG : Also the voice commands actually worked for the most part in EndWar.
  • Android Voice Commands can make your phone do so much more than make phone calls. You Talk to your phone and it does stuff. Learn the basics on how this works and the

    A voice command device (VCD) is a device controlled by means of the human voice. By removing the need to use buttons, dials and switches, consumers can easily operate

  • ok figured it out! you cant uninstal voice command in the settings menu, however there is a way, if you use go launcher you can unistall voice command by going into

    Martian Watches is raising funds for MARTIAN – Voice Command Watches for iPhone & Android on Kickstarter! Thank you for making MARTIAN WATCHES successful! After

    sir after successful build operation two message box pop up indicating-
    error in registering
    failed to create a voice command set with menucreate()

    sir please tell me how to resolve these problems

  • Caution:

    To launch an app and initiate an action using a voice command, the app must register a VCD file that contains a CommandSet with a language that matches the speech language that the user selected on the phone. This language is set by the user on the phone's Settings > System > Speech > Speech Language screen.

    All things considered, My Voice Commander helps you control several actions using only your voice. The configuration panel cannot be considered highly intuitive so you may need to spend some extra time decoding the app’s features.

Voice Commander // Commercial submission for Olin SuperAd Bowl 2012.

First, you need to figure out if your app was launched by a voice command, and then determine what the name and parameters of the voice command are. You accomplish this by looking at the property of the class. When you've determined what voice command was used, you can take appropriate action in your app.