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VTech Brilliant Baby Laptop

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  • Fully safety tested
    Lift the lid and learn with VTechÕs smart BabyÕs laptop
    Featuring two play modes teaching abcÕs, colours, numbers and shapes

    Fully safety tested
    Lift the lid and learn with VTechÕs smart BabyÕs laptop
    Featuring two play modes teaching abcÕs, colours, numbers and shapes
    6 uplifting sing-along songs and 12 soothing melodies
    Includes piano keys for fun play and a directional mouse button for additional fun play

  • Vtech My Babys First Laptop

    We all want our children to grow up to be successful, so from them been really young we try to encourage them with educational toys and that is just what the babys laptop is but fun at the same time.

    My mum purchased the laptop for my son when he was 14 months. The laptop recommends 9 months to 36 months. My mum paid £19.99 at Argos although you can pick it up for around £15.

    The laptop is bright blue and yellow so is brightly attractive to our children, it as a red handle which is solid and makes the laptop very easy to carry. The lid of the laptop which is bright yellow is quite stiff which is a good thing as my son especially is quite rough and im sure if it wasnt he would have snapped it off in no time.

    Once the lid is open there is 9 different shaped buttons and a screen with 9 common objects like a car book and a teddy these picture have LED lights behind them and light up when buttons are pressed.

    There is a red mouse which looks like a mouse this is fixed to the laptop but does move side to side and up and down.

    There is 3 settings ABC which tells you the shape of the button you are pressing, the second setting tells you and lights up the object you are pressing and finally the third lights up all the screen and plays you a tune.

    If you do not press a buttons for a minute or two the laptop will then ask you if you are at home which reminds us to turn it off and saves batteries and we could all do with that lol. When turning the laptop off it also says goodbye.

    Overall I like the laptop my son loves to play with it and anything that teaches him and entertains him at the same time is a winner for me.

    The Vtech Baby Laptop is designed top look and play like a real laptop. It has a large yellow lid that can be opened to reveal lots of colourful different shaped buttons. The "screen" lights up to music and has pictures of everyday items that children can relate to. There is also a red mouse that can be wobbled, a handle to carry it around and the settings buttons that are big and easy to change.

    The lid is easy to lift up and that in itself proves to be a fun game for children. The buttons on the inside can be pressed to either a) play music b) tell the shape/picture or c) do the Abc's. The laptop is lightweight and can be carried around easily by younger children. There is a volume control and an off button - always a bonus. The lights attract most small children and the songs make it fun. A decent price and the toy will grow with them for probably up to 2yrs. Its colourful and very eye catching for the children. Nice variety of noises that will not get boring. Small enough to drop in to a toy box at the end of the day and easy to clean.

  • This cute Vtech Baby Bear Laptop is a bargain price right now at Argos, as it's just £9.74, and there's free delivery too! In most stores this is still £12 - £15 so you are getting a really good price here, especially as the free delivery saves you another £3.95.

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