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Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Home Piano, White

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  • TAG : 4. White piano is harder to attract buyers either new or used.
  • When those two glasses of white wine fall into the soundboard after she devours him,that piano will make the queer noises usually associated with castrated cats and white pianos.

    At a stop in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, I played the piano at the bar in the St. Thomas Hilton, and it was also white. Were white pianos very much in fashion then?

  • Since white reflects all light wavelengths and black absorbs all wavelengths, white pianos or people dressed in white are surrounded by a reflective aura thats IMPENETRABLE.

    Us Aussies are pretty laid back and are certainly not "posers" as a previous entry stated, and choosing a white piano wouldn't be an ego or attention thing. So thanks to those other ladies (and gents) that have at least "entertained" the idea of an off-white piano with me, even if it's not the finish I go for in the end. It IS a personal choice and I'm realising that my feminine-self considers white to be clean, romantic and feminine - wood (particularly dark wood) is more masculine....

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    Originally Posted By: Zormpas
    Originally Posted By: Rusty Fortysome
    [quote=Rudy99golf]The day before yesterday I visited Steinway Hall in Fort Worth, TX. They had a white Steinway, John Lennon Special Edition. It has John's self portrait on the stand, and the first compasses of "Imagine" printed on the back part of the Iron plate.

    As for other white pianos, they are pretty gaudy and feminine in my opinion. I like them... in other people's homes where they fit. If you own a whitey, you better be able to sit down and play better than 99.9% of all pianists, otherwise you come off as a showboat furniture fanboy.

    You are, of course, joking.

    Even if what you say is true, what's wrong with "feminine"? Or even "gaudy" for that matter?

    Let me answer this with a simple reply to focus you on what you might be skipping over in your dismay...

    Originally Posted By: Rusty Fortysome
    ...they are pretty gaudy and feminine in my opinion.

    ...thank you. Reference: opinion, fact.
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    Considering the prices of acoustic pianos, we should all buy the piano that we love to play, listen to, and look at every day. The way a piano looks shouldn't be that important, but it does take up considerable floorspace and it is a big purchase, so it should look good.

    The only way I would keep a white piano in my home is if it was a very large, newer Bosie and it was given to me with free tunings! I think I'd have to hide it under a blanket when I wasn't playing it.

    Polished walnut is my favorite, but I have polished black. It shows dust, but since I actually enjoy dusting my piano (hate dusting everything else), it's not a big deal.
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    When I said "white" I realise now I should have said "Off-white" (it's not stark white). [/b]A white piano is definitely not as good as an off-white piano. White can look quite antique. And I hate antiques. But off-white is beautiful! I'd call off-white, cream, french vanilla! If I could have found an off-white baby grand piano, I would have bought it!

5. White piano is considered "cheezy" or "Hollywoodesque".

Melody7 asked if I would buy a white piano if I could get it in walnut. "Not only no...." but it's Melody7's choice and she should buy whatever her heart desires.