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WubbaNub Infant Pacifier - Giraffe

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  • Several weeks back, the babies’ Wubbanubs (pacifiers attached to little animals) began mysteriously disappearing. I was certain our babysitters were putting them away in unusual places (e.g. in toy boxes) and repeatedly asked them where they put said Wubbanubs. None of them could recall misplacing a Wubbanub. Nonetheless, I gently reminded them Wubbanubs are for sleeping only and stay in the cribs. Then one day I decided it was time to wash the sheets and the dog beds. That’s when I uncovered a cache of MIA Wubbanubs, Soothie pacifiers, and teethers. Sasha apparently snatched them off the nursery floors and covertly buried them in her bed! The little sneak!

    As a Mompreneur, Carla Schneider, the inventor of the WubbaNub, understands the needs of busy parents and creates products to help make their lives easier. The WubbaNub pacifier is often a babys very first friend and becomes part of the family.

  • WubbaNub is a cheerful and adorable plush animal. This cute pacifier can win every kid's heart. Babies can easily enjoy this pacifier whether lying on the side or back, the car seat, sling or stroller. This cute pacifier is machine washable and air dries.

    Wubbanub’s design is based around the Soothie pacifiers. I received my first Soothie from the hospital when my daughter was first born. She LOVED it, but I was always losing it. I had the hardest time ever finding new ones. Wait, I never actually did find new ones! The idea behind the Wubbanub is that stuffed animals provide a sense of comfort to little ones. The slight weight of the plush animal helps to keep the pacifier near the baby. It’s also much easier for your baby to grasp and manipulate the pacifier by themselves. I remember the day my daughter learned to put the pacifier in her own mouth, I think there should be a milestone date in every Baby Journal because that’s a true achievement!

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    Adorable Wubbanubs and Paci Plushies help keep them calm and happy. The
    Natursutten pacifiers are made of natural rubber and are BPA free so you know they are completely safe!

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    This Monkey Plush Toy Pacifier features an innovative patented design from Wubbanub that combines a BPA free Silicone Pacifier with a comforting soft toy.

I would love to see a purple wubbanub.

The slight weight of the animal keeps the soothiein place near your child (and hopefully off the floor and away from thedog!). The attached toy also provides added comfort and makes it somuch easier for your baby to grasp and manipulate that pacifierthemselves. It also means fewer bouncing, rolling, and lost pacis andless rooting around in the bed, stroller, bag etc to find where thepaci went. Celebrity moms love Wubbanubs. Denise Richards, Joely Fisher, Ricki Lake and Angela Bassett are all fans. Purchase yours at the . You can choose from one of six adorable designs or order the entire set.