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Mega Bloks Call of Duty Zombies TranZit Diner Building Set

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  • The Zombie diner – a nod to the ever popular zombie mode in Call of Duty – will also be offering up a selection of gruesome special dishes such as Monkey Wings and the 12-Guage Chilli-dog, as well as plenty of booze to wash it all down with.

    London burger joint MEATliquor are looking to capitalise on this by teaming up with Activision to create a Zombie Diner at this weekend’s Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Live event.

  • Now, much like the Walking Dead which teamed up with the earlier this year, Black Ops 2 is teaming up with none other than MEATliquor to launch a Zombie Diner, starting tomorrow in Bloomsbury. Brains may not be on the menu, but there will be the Dead Hippie burger and deep-fried pickles, as well as exclusive dishes like "Monkey Wings" and a "12-Gauge Chilli-Dog". For people who can't wait till the 13th to get their hands on the game, you'll also be able to play that all weekend, fighting off zombies with a Dead Hippy in your hand.

    Build the Call of Duty Zombies TranZit Diner collector construction set by Mega Bloks. Its eat or be eaten at the North Highway Diner! Build the diner and put horror back on the menu when you let this swarm of highly detailed Zombie micro action figures shuffle past the counter and out into the parking lot in search of their next meal. Designed to allow for engaging interior display, the dilapidated diner features realistic detail, like shattered windows, booths, checkered flooring, and an edge glow resin diner sign with broken neon lights. Approach with caution, or you could be the next course!

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    According to a press release, MEATliquor is offering up some of it staple dishes, as well as a few new ones, including "the Dead Hippie burger and Deep-Fried Pickles, as well as a selection of gruesome dishes created exclusively for the Zombie Diner, including Monkey Wings and a legendary 12-Guage Chilli-Dog, will be available this weekend!"

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Run as fast as you can! Coming slowly and creepily behind you is a Deadly Diner Zombie Girl Waitress. She is spookily trying to serve her eyeball tonic to as many unsuspecting victims as she can. Help her find her way back to her Zombie Diner and away from your zone. Some candy should do the trick. Be mindful this deadly waitress' groans can bring more zombies your way. Be sure you have enough candy to dissuade these overpowering zombies from giving you some of their peculiar beverages.